Why Visionary Optics

Why Visionary Optics for Scleral Lenses?

There is really no doubt that scleral lens usage continues to grow rapidly in popularity and is becoming more “main stream”.

Why Visionary OpticsThis market has been fueled by the recognition of the Optometric community that scleral lenses can produce excellent vision and comfortable fit for a wide variety of patients. The fact that these lenses vault over, but do not touch the cornea, which is rich in nerve endings, contributes to their comfort. This is especially true for irregular corneas as in Keratoconus or post-LASIK Ectasia. These lenses also hold a large fluid reservoir between the scleral lens and cornea, which allows treatment of Ocular Surface Disease (OSD) with or without a dry eye component and can act as a “liquid bandage”. More recently, there is recognition that scleral lenses may be a great option for presbyopia patients and others with “normal eyes”.

Such explosive growth has attracted a large number of new competitors into this marketplace so why choose Visionary Optics?

Experience and competence, customization, focus, customer service, and innovation.

Experience and competence.
Our staff has been making scleral lenses for over 17 years, and our consulting staff works with our customers to make even the most difficult fits a reality. This is why many of the most experienced and demanding scleral lens fitters work with Visionary Optics.

Changes to the standard parameters are unnecessary for most cases. However, we make these most difficult fits a reality by customizing virtually any lens parameter. We provide front surface torics, toric haptics, customized center thickness, optic zone and peripheral curves as well as lens notching.

Visionary Optics is the only contact lens company that centers virtually all its attention on scleral lenses. About 94% of our contact lens sales in 2015 were scleral lenses. If you want to fit scleral lenses, you have our undivided attention.

Customer service.
Our customers are our priority because we recognize that without satisfied customers, we don’t have a business.  Our commitment is to provide the most efficient and reliable service.  We strive to ship our scleral lenses out within 1-2 business days of receiving an order.  Additionally, in order to better assist our accounts across all time zones, our highly skilled customer service, consulting, and sales staff offer extended hours and are readily available to answer your questions.

Our goal is to be the high tech company in the scleral lens arena. In early 2013, working with Dr. Greg DeNaeyer, Visionary Optics released the Europa Scleral® lens, an enhanced second generation version of our highly successful Jupiter Scleral™ lens, meant to improve and simplify the fit and comfort of our most popular product. We succeeded beyond our wildest expectations with explosive sales growth and within 18 months, the Europa Scleral® lens is now over 70% of our scleral lens sales. In early 2015, we released the Elara Scleral™ lens designed for regular cornea patients with Ocular Surface Disease with or without a dry eye component and patients who have failed with traditional lenses, especially if they have astigmatism and high refractive error. The Europa Scleral® and Elara Scleral™ lenses will be the platforms for our major new lens designs in development.

At the 2016 GSLS meeting, we introduced the sMap3D, the first wide field corneal and scleral elevation topographer which can map the ocular surface out to 22mm 360°. This technology takes the guesswork out of the sometimes tedious scleral lens fitting process using a fitting set. The process starts with performing a 2 to 3 minute sMap exam including an automated stitching process which seamlessly integrates data from up, straight, and down gazes. Based upon user-defined desired central and optical zone clearance values, the sMap3D will perform a complete “virtual fit” of a Europa Scleral lens including the power and axis of a scleral posterior haptic designed to correct the scleral toricity of the eye. The instrument will also give the predicted central, optical zone, and limbal clearance values. A suggested Base Curve is provided and can be used as the basis for putting a single fitting set lens on the eye to determine over refraction. The Europa lens data can then be sent directly to the Visionary Optics Website Ordering System. The user may also modify any of the customizable lens parameters to see how changes would affect the fit. The goal is to allow the novice fitter to have immediate success and give the experienced scleral lens fitter a tool to visualize and understand the complex fitting relationship between the scleral lens and the entire ocular surface. This system has also been used successfully to fit custom soft lenses on irregular surfaces.

In addition to Dr. DeNaeyer’s expertise and our in-house customized manufacturing capabilities, we have assembled a clinical research and development team with decades-long experience in corneal, wavefront aberrometry and optical imaging. We intend to have a steady stream of new scleral, corneal GP and custom soft lens products designed to simplify the fitting process and further improve best-corrected visual acuity in your patients. With my 35 years of experience in designing and implementing clinical trials in the vision care industry, I intend to oversee this effort to dramatically improve patient outcomes.

– Donald R Sanders M.D., Ph.D.
CEO, Visionary Optics

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