A Revolution in Scleral Lens Fitting

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  • Fluorescence based structured light topographer with more than 22mm range and 360° scleral coverage
  • Under the eyelid scleral measurements
  • Over 1 million measurement points with 10 micron precision
  • Integrated software for fitting and customizing Europa Scleral® lenses
  • Unbeatable Price

Eliminate the guesswork and save valuable chair time.

Measure. Customize. Analyze. Order.
All in one simple platform.

Image Acquisition
3D Stitching
2D & 3D Visualization
Lens Design Integration
Scleral Toricity

During the the acquisition process utilizing the sMap3D, you will take a straight, down and up gaze which is demonstrated in the below video.

Optimized 3D Imaging to combine multiple gaze directions into a complete model of the ocular surface.

Utilizing the two and three dimensional maps of the corneal and scleral surfaces allow the practitioner to accurately assess how the Europa Scleral lens will fit relative to the corneal and scleral surface.

In this image, you can use the simulated fluorescein image to predict how the lens is vaulting over the cornea and how it will align with the scleral surface.

In this image, you can view a 3D map utilizing the eye surface to compare the overlying Europa Scleral Lens.

In this image, you can utilize the measurement tool to define the sagittal height at any chord you decide.

In this image, the practitioner can utilize this map to clinically assess and diagnose the patient’s slightly inferior elevated cone.
Corneal Elevation[1]

Accurate mapping and a complete range of customization options let you tailor the lens to fit each eye. Seamless integration with Visionary Optics Europa Scleral lens designed to minimize refits by prescribing lenses directly from surface measurements. View virtual fits, customize lens parameters with the goal of achieving optimal fits for every eye in one simple platform.

Lens Design Integration: The sMapPro software provides an intuitive user interface showing the Visionary Optics Europa Scleral Fit Settings and Lens Parameters. The Lens Parameters box displays the lens parameters of the virtually-fit Europa Scleral lens. All parameters can be modified, offering you a complete range of customization options.

The Total Power and Toricity window collects the Fitting Set lens parameters (Base Curve & Power), the patient’s over-refraction, and the desired toricity. The Fitting Set lens information is collected for power calculation only. After entering this information, press the ‘Order’ button to submit your virtually-designed Europa Scleral lens order!


Consultation: The sMapPro software offers a Consult option. When utilizing this option, you simply need to obtain your three images and provide the Fitting Lens information and the patient’s over-refraction – Visionary Optics will do the rest! – providing you with final lens parameters and supporting sMap3D data and imaging.

Use of toric peripheral haptics in scleral lenses has been reported to improve comfort, reduce or eliminate edge lift, decrease debris build-up under the lens and rotationally stabilize the lens.  With the sMap3D, Visionary Optics can now tell the scleral lens fitter if and how much peripheral haptic toricity is needed to accurately design customized toric scleral lenses.

Insufficient scleral data is available in the straight gaze only to accurately measure scleral toricity. The stitched image combines the data from the up, straight and down gazes, showing 2.5D of scleral toricity.

Data from the same patient showing 4.5D of scleral toricity in the right eye and no scleral toricity in the left eye demonstrates the wide variation in amount of scleral toricity measured not only among patients, but even within the same patient.


The images (above) demonstrate the wide variation in orientation of the scleral toricity measured.

Visionary Optics is the exclusive US Distributor of the sMap3D.
CAUTION: Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed practitioner.


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