Elara Scleral

Elara Scleral

Essential Hydration, Comfort and Vision

The Elara Scleral™ lens is a mini-scleral lens that rests on the sclera and vaults over the cornea. The Elara Scleral™ design offers a prolate geometry and is designed to fit the regular cornea. An increased corneal zone design allows it to successfully vault small to large corneal diameters. The Elara’s liquid reservoir is intended to continuously hydrate the corneal surface. The haptic section of the Elara Scleral™ lens is designed to rest evenly on most eyes without compression, but can be modified as necessary.

Fitting Sets

The Elara Scleral™ features are designed to provide:

Essential Hydration
Providing relief with a liquid reservoir continuously hydrating the corneal surface.

Continuous Comfort
Wears all day with complete comfort.

Optimized Vision
Provides clear, crisp vision of a GP lens.


Elara for Presbyopia scleral lens is designed to deliver crisp, clear vision at all distances to let you focus on near objects, as well as enhancing your distance vision. The Elara for Presbyopia is a concentric bifocal with a near center front surface and the back surface is that of the Elara Scleral lens. With Elara for Presbyopia, the goal is to live focused…with distance and near vision.



  • No Additional Fitting Set is required to fit Elara for Presbyopia
  • Essential Hydration, Continuous Comfort and Optimized Vision for your active
    presbyopic patient
  • 90 Day Warranty with 3 exchanges and Full Cancellation


  • Ocular Surface disease with or without a dry eye component
  • Patients who have failed with traditional GP or soft lenses, especially if they have astigmatism or high refractive error.

The Elara Scleral™ lens can be manufactured with front surface cylinder to correct residual astigmatism. Front surface toric lenses are stabilized with double slab-off prism.

Base Curve 40.00D through 52.00D
Diameter 15.5 mm
Sphere Power Made to Order
Cylinder Power -0.25 D. to -15.00 D. in 0.25 D. steps
Axis 1° to 180° in 1° steps
Add Powers +1.00D, +1.50D, +2.00D, +2.50D, +3.00D, +3.50D

Fitting the Elara Scleral™ is a straightforward and efficient process for your regular cornea patients.

Changes to the standard parameters are unnecessary for most cases. However, Visionary Optics is able to customize any parameter including:

  • Front Surface Toric (Double slab off ballasted design)
  • Toric Haptics
  • Center Thickness
  • Optic Zone
  • Peripheral Curves
  • Presbyopia Front Surface

Elara Scleral™ Fitting Set

  • 12 Lens Fitting Set
  • Base Curves with standard peripheral curves 42.00D to 52.00D in 2D steps
  • Base Curves with flatter peripheral curves 42.00D to 52.00D in 2D steps
  • 15.5mm Diameter
  • Loaner Sets are available

Diagnostic Markings

All Elara Scleral™ fitting lenses are laser marked for an easier fitting assessment.

Laser Mark

Insertion & Removal Video:


Our Visionary Optics consultation team can make even the most challenging fits possible and is here to assist. Call, email or complete the online ordering form and we can design the best custom lens for your patient.