The Latitude scleral lens is the first lens to be completely custom made to exactly fit the corneal and scleral surfaces based upon scleral topography (sMap3D™) measurements.


Visionary Optics’ research, based upon over 4,000 scleral topography examinations, has shown that most patients’ corneal and scleral shapes do not conform to scleral lens designs based upon peripheral curve systems; such lenses constitute virtually every other design in the marketplace. The Latitude lens has no peripheral curve system – it is a freeform lens designed to contour uniformly to each eye.

  • Designed to exactly conform to the scleral shape at the landing zone
  • Designed to even out the central, mid-peripheral and limbal clearances regardless of degree of corneal irregularity
  • Designed to offer uniformity of lens to ocular surface clearance, which is critical to ocular surface health since it is ensures that oxygenation to the cornea and limbus is optimized
  • Data required to fit the Latitude lens is based on non-invasive surface mapping (sMap3D)
GSLS 2019 Intro
Keratoglobus Success
1st Lens Success

This video highlights the unlimited possibilities and unparalleled visualization tools illustrating the lens conforming to the shape of the eye throughout the entire lens – central, limbal and peripheral zone.


This Keratoglobus patient (Dr. Greg DeNaeyer’s) experienced first fit success with our new Latitude Lens. Note how the lens is conforming to the surface of the eye in all meridians. The lens is centered, comfortable, contoured.


“Visionary Optics sMap3D is legit! This new technology is simply amazing and talk about ‘one & done’!” Dr. Carlsson’s patient is now seeing 20/15 OU. The eye fit with Latitude failed to achieve vision better than 20/200 for over 10 years.


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