Jupiter Scleral

Jupiter Scleral

A true scleral lens design for managing patients with irregular corneal conditions and ocular surface disease.


The Jupiter 15 mm and Jupiter 18 mm series lenses usually have 5 curves organized into 3 zones:

  • The Corneal Zone, comprised of the central corneal curve and the ASPHERIC peripheral corneal curve.
  • The Limbal Zone, comprised of an ASPHERIC scleral curve.
  • The Scleral Zone, comprised of an ASPHERIC scleral curve and the ASPHERIC edge curve.

The Jupiter 15 mm and Jupiter 18 mm series lenses come in 3 configurations to address different corneal geometries by varying the posterior design.

  • The Jupiter Standard Design, central corneal curve has a slightly steeper radius than the peripheral corneal curve. Most cases of corneal irregularity (keratoconus, post surgical, etc) are fit with the Standard design.
  • The Jupiter Advanced Keratoconic Design has the central curve relatively STEEPER than the peripheral corneal curve.
  • The Jupiter Reverse Geometry Design has the central curve relatively FLATTER than the peripheral corneal curve.
Fitting Set

The Jupiter Scleral™ features are designed to provide:

  • All Jupiter 15 mm and 18 mm series lenses use aspheric optics designed to reduce spherical aberrations.
  • The Jupiter 18 mm series lens can accommodate significant amounts of corneal asymmetry and/or irregularity. It is designed to usually be the most efficient lens for difficult contact lens fittings.
  • The Jupiter 15 mm mini-scleral series lens is generally used when the full sized sclerals are found to be difficult for the patient to apply.
  • 90 day risk free warranty with unlimited exchanges
  • Fitting of irregular corneas secondary to keratoconus, trauma, or post-surgical deformities consequent to a graft, RK, PRK, and LASIK.
  • In conditions where the cornea and/or sclera are extremely dry and need protection from exposure.
  • When alternative GP designs will not center or cause intolerable bearing forces on the central cornea and soft lenses cannot provide good vision.

Recommended in Optimum GP materials by Contamac. All lenses are plasma treated to ensure surface wetting.

Base Curves Any
Diameter 13.5 to 24.0 mm
BV Powers Made to Order
Cylinder (toric) -0.25 D. to -15.00 D. in 0.25 D. steps
Axis (toric) 1° to 180° in 1° steps
Toric Haptic up to 800µ in 50µ steps
Add Powers +1.00D, +1.50D, +2.00D, +2.50D, +3.00D, +3.50D

Visionary Optics is able to customize any parameter including:

Scleral Asymmetry
Toric Haptics

Scleral Obstacles
Precision Lift

Optical Performance
Front Toric
Front & Back Toric

  • 14 pre-designed lenses for each of the 3 configurations.
  • Diagnostic Lenses are laser marked with the base curve.
  • Loaner Sets are available

Most cases of corneal irregularity are fit with this fitting set 14 15.0 mm
14 15.6 mm
[STEEP (S) / FLAT (F) – Available by Special Order] 14 18.2 mm

Insertion & Removal Video:


Our Visionary Optics consultation team can make even the most challenging fits possible and is here to assist. Call, email or complete the online ordering form and we can design the best custom lens for your patient.